Land Tours


St. Lucia tours are one of the best ways to experience the wildlife and stunning natural terrain of the island – explore the surroundings and abundant tropical beauty of the region. There are thousands of unique plant species to see, as well as wild and wonderful animals only found on St. Lucia such as the Red-snouted Tree Frog and the Vincent’s Least Gecko.


Why not visit a banana plantation, scale the Pitons or embark on a guided tour of the Caribbean’s only drive-in bubbling and steaming volcano. The island’s trials are ideal for hikers and ramblers.


For those looking for some beauty treatment St. Lucia even boasts its own sulphur and mud bath. St. Lucia excursions offer something different from the beach so please ask us for any further information – we are always happy to help, so look no further than Fond Doux Resort & Plantation when searching for your holiday in St. Lucia.