Diving & Snorkelling


St. Lucia boasts some of the best snorkelling in the Caribbean. Locations like Anse Chastanet beach are perfect for exploring the colourful marine life that thrives in the warm waters surrounding the island. St. Lucia diving is also second to none.


West of St. Lucia, the Anse Chastanet Reef has been buoyed off specifically for snorkelling so that no boats are able to interrupt your fun or disturb the fish. This particular reef has depths between five and 25 feet and harbours a huge variety of aquatic species. However, Anse Chastanet is only one place to enjoy St. Lucia’s incredible natural habitats — many other beaches also offer great opportunities to witness the marine life close up.


A number of St.Lucia tours are also available to other sites within the island’s marine park. Swimming in the shadow of the glorious Pitons is a wonderful experience and many companies offer excursions out to special spots only reachable by boat.


Other sites include The Bone Yard, Saline Point, Turtle Reef and The Blue Hole – all of which are easily accessible from Fond Doux Resort & Plantation.