Mamma La Terre Spa

Relaxation & Renewal – St. Lucia Style


Mama La Terre Spa, located on-site at Fond Doux Resort & Plantation, caters exclusively to our resort guests and is committed to creating the relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to renewing yourself – mind, body, and soul.

Mama La Terre, meaning Mother Earth, focuses on the powerfully restorative powers of nature. All of the products that we use in our spa treatments are made from all- natural, organically grown ingredients that are of the purest quality.

At the heart of our foundation and philosophy of wellness lies our commitment to providing you with a unique and intimate boutique spa experience, where the moment you enter the spa you will be guided to a deeper, more profound essence of inner calm, contentment, and beauty.

No matter what array of spa treatments you select, our menu of services has been thoughtfully conceived to ensure that your whole body is treated to sensory delights and therapeutic natural healing. Our staff of professionals love what they do and look forward to serving you and creating a special, personalized spa experience that will fulfill your every need and want.

We invite you to come calm your mind, nourish your body, and soothe your soul in our tranquil, therapeutic sanctuary.

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