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Mamma La Terre Spa – news

First opened in July 2008, Mamma La Terre Spa, was very much like Boutique Wellness Centres world wide, using products from large international companies. All that has changed. The re-furbished Spa now has a Mission Statement: Products used are natural, organic and sourced within 5 miles of the plantation. A tall order you may think but owner Mrs Lamontagne believes she can do just that. “I personally love to use different beauty and pampering products. We use local oil already for massages but I wanted to take this further. Could we use fruits, local minerals and bamboo in treatments thus making it a truly St Lucian experience? After a lot of research we found we could do just that.”

Many of the treatments are based on local knowledge of plants and berries that have been handed down through the generations. Cocoa Scrubs and the Vitamin enriching Guava Wrap sit seamlessly alongside traditional favourites, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

“We wanted our Spa menu to be like other traditional food menus, in the sense that we choose what is on offer depending on the season. Why use something bottled when it can be grown, picked and used within the hour.”

So from now on in it may not be from Ground to Plate but Ground to Back.