Deluxe 1 Bedroom Cottage

Resort Accommodation, Fit for a Prince


Fond Doux Resort currently has one Deluxe 1 Bedroom Cottage to offer guests – a 160 year old colonial house that was rescued from demolition in Castries, St. Lucia and has since been lovingly rebuilt.


If you only need one bedroom during your vacation in St. Lucia, but are looking for more space, our resort’s Deluxe 1 Bedroom Cottage is quite a bit larger than the 1 Bedroom Cottages and is better set-up for self-catering. It offers two levels, with a living room, dining room, outdoor kitchen, and bathroom on the main floor, plus a spacious master bedroom and second bathroom on the upper floor.


On a visit to St. Lucia, a well-known Prince visited this cottage. Wondering who it was?


Maximum Occupancy :
Deluxe One Bedroom Cottage – 2 Adults and 2 kids


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