Angelina Cottage

Two Level French Colonial Accommodation


Angelina Cottage is a 160 year old St. Lucia colonial house that was slated for demolition in the city of Castries. This two story cottage was purchased from the original owner, dismantled and trucked to Fond Doux Resort & Plantation, where it was then rebuilt and restored by artisans who specialize in St. Lucia’s traditional building techniques.


Step into beautiful, bright and airy accommodations that not only typify Caribbean architecture, but also allude to French colonial style. Attractive jalousie shutters and exotic touches of white gingerbread decorate the outside verandas. On the top floor, you’ll find a spacious master bedroom and bathroom, and on the bottom floor a dining room, second bathroom, living room with divan bed and outdoor kitchen.


During his time in St. Lucia, Prince Charles visited Angelina Cottage as part of his official tour of Fond Doux Resort & Plantation.


Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 2
Bed: King sized bed (divan sofa bed in the living room)
Each room is equipped with:
Safe | Fridge | Coffee Maker | Iron & Board | Hair Dryer | Ceiling Fans | Telephone | Start Up Bar

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