Eco Green

Welcome, Our Fond Doux Family,

We are seeking to restore and conserve our natural resources through various eco-conscious practices. We have begun the systematic replanting of trees and we are soliciting your much needed assistance in aiding the recovery of our planet’s resources by ensuring that water and electricity are turned off when not in use. It would be greatly appreciated if you participated in the recovery process of our planet by playing your part, as a little goes a long way in bringing our planet back to its legendary standard.

Fonddoux Holiday Plantation is a 250 year old working cocoa plantation and we have outlined some of our eco-policies which enable us to maintain an environmentally friendly establishment with the emphasis on the following. Continue reading

The Bachelor hits St Lucia

Saint Lucia revels in the spotlight following it’s exposure on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love’.  This year’s bachelor, Jake Pavelka a Pilot from Texas spent the last two days in several locations on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

On average, the 14th season of ‘The Bachelor’ generated the biggest overall audience for the franchise since fall 2003, with approximately 15 million viewers. ‘After The Final Rose’ was not far behind with approximately 14.3 million viewers.

Saint Lucia has undoubtedly received tremendous exposure during this crucial time. The Director of Tourism (Saint Lucia) reported that average daily visits to and destination e-books have more than doubled since the February 15 episode which initially featured Saint Lucia. Nearly 40,000 visits or total sessions were registered, while the request for e-books increased from 175 to more than 400.  The 15 second ads which ran during the final episode contributed significantly to the increases. The Director predicts that the increase in airline seats to Saint Lucia from North America will have a positive impact on the market.

The famed Jade Mountain became a sanctuary for the lovers with its picturesque backdrop of the majestic Pitons. However, just minutes away from the Sulphur Springs, where Jake romanced Vienna in the therapeutic waters lay a clandestine gem, Fond Doux Holiday Plantation. Continue reading

Fond Doux Estate – Site of the Historical Battle of Rabot

The town of Soufriere, once capital of St Lucia under the French, is a colourfully spattered palette of the island’s dynamic past.  The picturesque town is home of architectural treasures, agricultural riches, and geological wonders. It is no wonder then that Soufriere was so coveted and as a result, the site of some of the most significant battles fought in St Lucia during the colonial era. Among them is the Battle of Rabot, a conflict in 1795 that determined more than possession of the territory.  Continue reading

Fond Doux Conservation

St Lucia’s Fond Doux Estate plays its part in the conservation of St Lucia’s Architectural Heritage. Revealing itself to spectacular effect, off an unassuming tropical pathway flanked by Heliconia and Anthurium Lily flowers, is Villa Angelina, an eighteenth century colonial home at Fond Doux Plantation Hotel in St Lucia. The several hundred year old building is a typical example of the French colonial style which once was visible all over the island. Continue reading

Eco Friendly Tourism in St Lucia

More and more savvy travellers are doing their research and choosing ecologically and socially responsible vacation destinations.  The surge of the eco-friendly holiday has made responsible tourism trendy while effecting good in the communities which offer the option.  St Lucia in the Caribbean has emerged as one of the more preferred eco-friendly destinations, located as it is in the dense rainforest belt of the Caribbean archipelago and boasting a natural beauty that has garnered the attention of international publications like Condè Nast and several tourism industry award bodies. Continue reading

Bird watching at Fond Doux in St Lucia

Humming Bird at Fond DouxSt Lucia has well-established itself as a destination for sun and sea, but the verdant, geographically intriguing island offers so much more to the visitor. St Lucia is part of the Windward Island grouping in the Caribbean Sea which forms part of the archipelago linking North and South America. As such, it is uniquely placed in the migratory route of many birds and is home to at least five endemic species, several subspecies and many Caribbean endemics. Its relatively small size and easy navigability make the island an ideal bird watching destination. Continue reading

Why Tourists Choose St Lucia for the Ultimate Eco-Holiday

St Lucia has long established itself as a resort destination. Brochures beckon with idyllic scenes of waterfront properties with pristine grounds and couples frolicking in cool Caribbean waters. This image of the island as an ocean playground only tells half the story however, because rising from the scalloped shores into verdant heights is a rain-forested interior that is cool and tranquil and provides the visitor with the opportunity to engage directly with its serene landscape. Continue reading

Prince Charles Visit to Fond Doux Estate, St Lucia

Fond Doux Estate, A royal destination….

When his Royal highness the prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall visited St. Lucia in 2008, they toured the Fond Doux Cocoa estate in Soufriere. It was their only visit to a private property on their 24 hour stop over in St.Lucia. The plantation dates back more than 250 years carrying on the traditional cocoa production as well as providing holiday accommodations.There was nothing accidental about the Prince’s desire to spend time on the estate and meet its owners, Lyton and Eroline Lamontagne. The Prince of Wales and the Lamontagnes have much in common. Continue reading