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Discovering St. Lucian Cocoa Tea

A look into the story behind a favorite Caribbean fall beverage

Forget the Hurricane or Rum Runner. A cup of hot cocoa may not be the first drink you hanker for on a Caribbean vacation, but you might change your mind in St. Lucia.

St. Lucians began drinking cocoa tea, a traditional spiced breakfast treat, shortly after the British abolished slavery on Saint Lucia in 1833. The island’s west coast town of Soufriere, near the iconic pair of Piton mountains, was home of a number of small, productive sugar, coffee, and cocoa estates. Tea leaves were hard to come by, but cocoa tea, technically more like a porridge than a tea, was a cheap and accessible snack. It’s been a local delicacy ever since. Continue reading

Fond Doux St. Lucia Wedding by Nyra Lang Photography

Oh my goodness, SMPers… Do we have a treat for you today.  An absolutely stunning, beyond amazing, fabulous in every way possible kind of treat, courtesy of these gorgeous St. Lucia nuptials and Nyra Lang Photography.  And if each and every brilliant image from this stunning affair doesn’t compel you to pack your bags, call your travel agent and catch the next flight out to this Caribbean paradise, then I don’t know what will.  Because this soiree is boasting breathtaking moments, a gorgeous gown and the perfect laid-back tropical island vibe… And you won’t be able to help but fall in love.  Don’t miss a moment of magic….

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Mamma La Terre Spa – news

First opened in July 2008, Mamma La Terre Spa, was very much like Boutique Wellness Centres world wide, using products from large international companies. All that has changed. The re-furbished Spa now has a Mission Statement: Products used are natural, organic and sourced within 5 miles of the plantation. A tall order you may think but owner Mrs Lamontagne believes she can do just that. “I personally love to use different beauty and pampering products. We use local oil already for massages but I wanted to take this further. Could we use fruits, local minerals and bamboo in treatments thus making it a truly St Lucian experience? After a lot of research we found we could do just that.”

Many of the treatments are based on local knowledge of plants and berries that have been handed down through the generations. Cocoa Scrubs and the Vitamin enriching Guava Wrap sit seamlessly alongside traditional favourites, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.

“We wanted our Spa menu to be like other traditional food menus, in the sense that we choose what is on offer depending on the season. Why use something bottled when it can be grown, picked and used within the hour.”

So from now on in it may not be from Ground to Plate but Ground to Back.

St Lucia and Fond Doux in the press

The Chronicle segments ran last night, reaching an audience of 179,952. It is currently on the front page of the Chronicle site, or visit Additionally the segment was noted in the Boston Globe’s (VPM: 4,305,725) “Daily Guide” of what to watch on TV, a photo slide show was posted, and a video teaser were posted. Please see the links below for the full segment.

Links to all segments

Video Teaser

Segment 1 (Allen Chastanet, Marigot Bay, Ladera)
Segment 2 (Sulphur Springs, Anse Chastanet, biking)
Segment 3 (Fond Doux, Diamond Botanical Gardens and Waterfall, mineral baths, Castries, Coal Pot)
Segment 4 (Ladera, Cap Maison, Rodney Bay, Castries Market)

Daily Guide – (VPM: 4,305,725)
Photo slide show –

Fond Doux joins Green Globe Family

Fond Doux Holiday Plantation in Soufriere has taken the practice of sustainable tourism on its property a step further by becoming a certified member of Green Globe International.

This prestigious position gives the plantation, and by extension St. Lucia, greater visibility on the international market place, and makes it a recognized leader in environmental conservation in the island that businesses in tourism and other sectors can follow. Continue reading

The striking mix of cultures of St Lucia

Motor boats and houses line the coast at Soufrière, St Lucia

Soufrière, St Lucia

Derek Walcott, the St Lucian poet, vividly described the landscape of his home as “furious with vegetation”. Its mountainous heart is wrapped in the kind of luscious rainforest depicted by painter Henri “Le Douanier” Rousseau; its west-coast beaches are fringed with coconut palms while the cliffs of its wild Atlantic east coast are host to spiky cacti. There is no lovelier island in the Caribbean and no better time to see it than early summer when the vivid orange flamboyant trees are in bloom. Continue reading

Hiking in St Lucia

St Lucia offers up some wonderful hiking opportunities for those want more from their Caribbean vacation than simply sun and sand. The island’s diverse topography and tropical vegetation beg for exploration, and there is no better way to understand the lay of the land than to take advantage of the many sightseeing options by foot. There is something for everyone, from to those seeking a gentle amble through beautiful landscapes, to the seasoned hiker in search of a challenge. Continue reading

Eco Green

Welcome, Our Fond Doux Family,

We are seeking to restore and conserve our natural resources through various eco-conscious practices. We have begun the systematic replanting of trees and we are soliciting your much needed assistance in aiding the recovery of our planet’s resources by ensuring that water and electricity are turned off when not in use. It would be greatly appreciated if you participated in the recovery process of our planet by playing your part, as a little goes a long way in bringing our planet back to its legendary standard.

Fonddoux Holiday Plantation is a 250 year old working cocoa plantation and we have outlined some of our eco-policies which enable us to maintain an environmentally friendly establishment with the emphasis on the following. Continue reading

The Bachelor hits St Lucia

Saint Lucia revels in the spotlight following it’s exposure on ABC’s ‘The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love’.  This year’s bachelor, Jake Pavelka a Pilot from Texas spent the last two days in several locations on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

On average, the 14th season of ‘The Bachelor’ generated the biggest overall audience for the franchise since fall 2003, with approximately 15 million viewers. ‘After The Final Rose’ was not far behind with approximately 14.3 million viewers.

Saint Lucia has undoubtedly received tremendous exposure during this crucial time. The Director of Tourism (Saint Lucia) reported that average daily visits to and destination e-books have more than doubled since the February 15 episode which initially featured Saint Lucia. Nearly 40,000 visits or total sessions were registered, while the request for e-books increased from 175 to more than 400.  The 15 second ads which ran during the final episode contributed significantly to the increases. The Director predicts that the increase in airline seats to Saint Lucia from North America will have a positive impact on the market.

The famed Jade Mountain became a sanctuary for the lovers with its picturesque backdrop of the majestic Pitons. However, just minutes away from the Sulphur Springs, where Jake romanced Vienna in the therapeutic waters lay a clandestine gem, Fond Doux Holiday Plantation. Continue reading

Fond Doux Estate – Site of the Historical Battle of Rabot

The town of Soufriere, once capital of St Lucia under the French, is a colourfully spattered palette of the island’s dynamic past.  The picturesque town is home of architectural treasures, agricultural riches, and geological wonders. It is no wonder then that Soufriere was so coveted and as a result, the site of some of the most significant battles fought in St Lucia during the colonial era. Among them is the Battle of Rabot, a conflict in 1795 that determined more than possession of the territory.  Continue reading