History of Fond Doux

From Working Plantation to Peaceful Resort


Owners of Fond Doux


At 250 years old, Fond Doux Resort & Plantation in St. Lucia is one of the oldest working plantations in the Caribbean. In its early days, the Soufriere area of St. Lucia consisted of a number of small, productive estates which produced Coffee, Cocoa, and later, Sugar Cane. Fond Doux was one of these estates, granted by King Louis XIV to the Devaux brothers in 1713. Through a succession of owners, the estate was sold to Mr. Kirby Lamontagne who is the deceased father of Lyton Lamontagne, the present owner.


The plantation had been derelict and abandoned for over 40 years when Lyton Lamontagne’s father purchased it. Lyton and his wife, Eroline, moved in 18 years ago and began remodelling and refurbishing the buildings, as well as systematically planting fruits and flowers. Today, there are about 30 trees and food crops, including some which at one time were economically viable.


Growing the Business


The resort opened as a Heritage Site 10 years ago for day tours. The business began to grow and started also offering snacks, tours, and lunch to visitors. The Lamontagnes then went back to the drawing board and came up with the idea to add guest accommodations. The resort’s charming, secluded cottages are the latest additions to this authentic resort in St. Lucia.


One of the World’s Best Plantation Resorts


Today, Fond Doux Resort & Plantation is the only true organic resort on the island, with most of the resort’s produce being harvested on-site. It is the only resort in St. Lucia that engages in true eco-building practices and natural preservation. To underscore this point, The Guardian, a British newspaper, voted Fond Doux Resort & Plantation as one of the five best plantation retreats in the world.


Royal Stamp of Approval


In 2008, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited Fond Doux Resort & Plantation for an official tour. It was their only visit to a private resort on their 24 hour stop over in St. Lucia. There was nothing accidental about the Prince’s desire to spend time at the resort with the Lamontagnes.


After years of hard work, maintaining the organic label, and creating one of the most peaceful havens on earth to spend a vacation, the Lamontagnes truly appreciated this royal mark of approval.