Eco-Friendly Resort

Practicing Eco-Tourism Before it was Trendy


Caring for the land and wildlife on St. Lucia is paramount to Eroline and Lyton Lamontagne, the owners of Fond Doux Resort & Plantation. They developed the concept of eco-tourism long before it became a worldwide trend, and Fond Doux, one of the only true eco-resorts in St. Lucia, takes great pride in being a fully organic estate.


Growing Fruit & Vegetables


Much of the land on the estate is utilised to grow fruit and vegetables – all of which are used in Fond Doux Resort’s two restaurants. These include star apples, pawpaws, zabòka avocados, mangoes, grapefruit, bananas, love apples, breadfruit, coconuts, cinnamon, sour soup, golden apple, and gwiyav guava – not to mention our famous cocoa. The resort is totally committed to self-sufficiency and invites you to get involved.


Low Impact Resort Accommodations


All of our resort’s cottages have been built and designed with minimum impact in mind. No machinery was used when constructing these 12 stunning residences – all excavation was performed with loads of elbow grease and shovels only!


We have also restored other historic buildings and practice water and power conservation across the resort.


Green Globe Certified


Fond Doux Resort & Plantation is one of the only resorts in St. Lucia to have been certified both as an organic plantation and as a member of Green Globe.