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Discovering St. Lucian Cocoa Tea

A look into the story behind a favorite Caribbean fall beverage

Forget the Hurricane or Rum Runner. A cup of hot cocoa may not be the first drink you hanker for on a Caribbean vacation, but you might change your mind in St. Lucia.

St. Lucians began drinking cocoa tea, a traditional spiced breakfast treat, shortly after the British abolished slavery on Saint Lucia in 1833. The island’s west coast town of Soufriere, near the iconic pair of Piton mountains, was home of a number of small, productive sugar, coffee, and cocoa estates. Tea leaves were hard to come by, but cocoa tea, technically more like a porridge than a tea, was a cheap and accessible snack. It’s been a local delicacy ever since. Continue reading

Fond Doux St. Lucia Wedding by Nyra Lang Photography

Oh my goodness, SMPers… Do we have a treat for you today.  An absolutely stunning, beyond amazing, fabulous in every way possible kind of treat, courtesy of these gorgeous St. Lucia nuptials and Nyra Lang Photography.  And if each and every brilliant image from this stunning affair doesn’t compel you to pack your bags, call your travel agent and catch the next flight out to this Caribbean paradise, then I don’t know what will.  Because this soiree is boasting breathtaking moments, a gorgeous gown and the perfect laid-back tropical island vibe… And you won’t be able to help but fall in love.  Don’t miss a moment of magic….

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