Eco Green

Welcome, Our Fond Doux Family,

We are seeking to restore and conserve our natural resources through various eco-conscious practices. We have begun the systematic replanting of trees and we are soliciting your much needed assistance in aiding the recovery of our planet’s resources by ensuring that water and electricity are turned off when not in use. It would be greatly appreciated if you participated in the recovery process of our planet by playing your part, as a little goes a long way in bringing our planet back to its legendary standard.

Fonddoux Holiday Plantation is a 250 year old working cocoa plantation and we have outlined some of our eco-policies which enable us to maintain an environmentally friendly establishment with the emphasis on the following.

  • The soil on the plantation is certified by the BCG in England as 100% organic. Our cocoa is still harvested and grown in the traditional way, from the cutting, to the drying and fermentation to the cocoa dancing process and roasting. We do not use any chemicals on the plantation. Our cottages are constructed in wood and are set among the trees without destroying the existing vegetation.
  • We maintain and preserve threatened wooden buildings which are down for demolition.
  • We have donated a piece of land to the community to serve as a community playing field.
  • We protect an archaeological site on the plantation.
  • We use energy saving bulbs in order to achieve minimum wastage of non renewable resources.
  • We are a member of HERITAS. HERITAS is a tourism association and the members are committed to maintain and continuously improving our natural resources, environment, culture and archeological and historical sites, on which we depend . They are committed to the health, safety and security of visitors and the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment.
  • We use solar water heaters in our cottages. Our cottages are constructed in wood and are set among the trees. We have a program in place where we have planted an additional 1000 cocoa trees and additional fruit trees to replace those that have aged and died.
  • All the crops which are cultivated on the plantation are used in the food preparation at pour restaurants. We buy local enabling our local communities to benefit from tourism.
  • To this end we maintain an environmental management system.
  • We work with and participate actively in our community of Soufriere and Chateau Belair, where we now employ persons from this rural community.
  • We educate our tour guides and employees in their responsibility of protecting the environment by emphasizing on the use of water, electricity and energy.
  • We attend conferences held on a regular basis with all associations based on fostering responsible tourism which includes numerous precautionary measures towards the ecosystems.

Eroline & Lyton Lamontagne